A balanced dialogue on how we can live and act as committed citizens of the world is more necessary, but also harder to find than ever.

In our fast-moving world, much of the reporting and public debate is limited to short-term headlines and confrontation – things that divide, disparage and divide us.

Our goal is to initiate dialogues that enable us to understand the world more fully, experience it more intensely and preserve it more sustainably. To achieve this, we develop content that creates an awareness of the diversity of landscapes and cultures on our planet. That point out global connections and encourage us to take responsibility for our own actions. And that inspire us to set out on our own, to leave well-trodden paths and to go the extra mile in everything we do.

Travel can help us understand the world better. In this context, to unfold our (inner) maps does not mean counting miles, collecting passport stamps or filling photo albums. It is about opening our eyes to new places, our hearts to new cultures and our minds to new ways of thinking.


Unfolding Maps is a community of and for adventure enthusiasts.

We connect world wanderers so that they inspire each other, learn from each other and use their common knowledge to discover the beauty of the world.

For exciting adventures. Intensive journeys. And a rich life.