#4: Charley Boorman – On long Ways around the World

Charley Boorman
© Ignition Rojas

Adventurer, motorbike enthusiast, travel writer and TV presenter: Charley Boorman has explored the world for the past few decades. It all started in 1997 on a film shoot, when Charley met Ewan McGregor, known from Star Wars, Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting, Doctor Sleep and other films. Resulting from their shared love for motorbikes, they became friends and eventually set off to the first of several great adventures together: Going around the world from London to New York – via the long way – via Europe and Asia. 

This trip has been turned into a bestselling book and a hugely successful TV series named “Long Way Round”. After that, Charley did TV shows like Race to Dakar, By Any Means, Right to the Edge, Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers, and Charley Boorman’s USA Adventure.

In this episode of Unfolding Maps, Charley talks about some of his greatest travel adventures during and after “Long Way Round” – and about the impact that continuously exploring the world off the beaten paths has had on his life.


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