#9: We the Women of Afghanistan – Nahid Shahalimi

Nahid Shahalimi
© Isa Foltin

Being the daughter of one of the Afghanistan’s most influential and prosperous persons, Nahid Shahalimi grew up in the country’s high society. However, the life of her family took a dramatic turn when her father died and Nahid had to flee to Canada with her mother and sisters in the 1980s. Since then, she has lived in Pakistan, India, the USA, Spain and Germany and – and became actively involved in many humanitarian projects.

In this episode she talks about both her remarkable childhood in Afghanistan and her humanitarian work today as an artist, author, activist and filmmaker, with which she shines a spotlight on the women of Afghanistan.

Nahids Website: https://nahidshahalimi.com/ 

Note: The interview was already conducted in early 2020. In some respects, the political situation in Afghanistan has developed significantly since then.

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