Ben Hoffler- Sinai Trail and Red Sea Mountain Trail

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Ben Hoffler

Ben is one of the founders of the Sinai Trail. He oversaw its development into one of the Middle East’s leading hiking trails from the very beginning. Parallel to the Sinai Trail, he created the Red Sea Mountain Trail with Bedouin of Egypt’s Maaza tribe. He authored Trailblazer’s 2014 guidebook Sinai: The Trekking Guide and is a founder of the Sinai is Safe Campaign, which aims to create a counter-narrative to bad news about the Sinai. He developed the route for the Three Peaks Egypt Challenge and is one of its founders today. His professional focus is on exploring how modern tourism can help conserve the endangered heritage of the Middle East’s Bedouin communities. Today, Ben co-manages the Sinai Trail with Bedouin leader Faraj Mahmoud on behalf of eight Bedouin tribes.

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