#12: The Sound of Journeys – with Jim Kroft

Jim Kroft
© Lucas Dietrich

To musically capture the essence of a solo journey over around the world is a tremendous creative challenge. Musician, director and photographer Jim Kroft, our guest in this episode, has tackled it.

His journey took him through the endless expanses of the Russian winter, but also into the loneliness of Chinese mega-cities. On the way, he saw with his own eyes how people fleeing terror in their home countries were washed up on the coasts of Europe.

He processed the impressions of this journey in his project “Journeys”, which culminated in the album “Love on the Face of Fear” at the end of 2019.

In this conversation he talks about his journeys, but also about how the creative process took place, how he transformed his experiences and the inspiration they provided into music.

Jim Kroft online


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Jim Kroft
© Jim Kroft

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