#23: A Walk in the Woods – with Eric Adams (Manowar)

Eric Adams Manowar
© Erik Lorenz

A winter walk in the woods with an icon of heavy metal: Eric Adams is world-famous as the singer of the American band Manowar. In episode 16 of Unfolding Maps, he has already talked about another passion that shapes his life besides music – his love of nature, wildlife and hunting.

In this second interview, he now delves deeper into these topics. During a hike in the US state of New York, he not only shares anecdotes from his musical career, but above all shows Erik his hunting grounds, thinks back to entertaining misadventures in the wilderness and magical animal encounters, and explains what he understands by ethical and responsible hunting.

4 thoughts on “#23: A Walk in the Woods – with Eric Adams (Manowar)

    • Erik Lorenz says:

      Just google “lou marullo string theory for bowhunters” … Lou his Eric’s “real” name … Best regards, Erik.

  1. Pavol says:

    More people like Eric Adams in this world… that would be better place. Thx for not only music and singing. Manowar was/is and will be my Kings of Metal

  2. alex says:

    ERIC (Lou Marullo) Adams he is the one that made metal powerfull but soft and tender he his like the best actors but he transforms emotions into human sounds.for me Eric is like Robert Plant and Fredie Mercury and Dio there is no substitutions the others are great they are unparalleled.he is a living legend.hail my king

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